Happy 5th Birthday Rocky River Grill

With 315,000 meals served, 150,000 beverages poured and countless birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and game victories celebrated, Rocky River Grill’s 5 years of operating has been nothing short of amazingly memorable. We are so fortunate to have a job we look forward to going to, day in and day out, filled with outstanding people and in a beautiful location. Thank you to the loyal customers and dedicated employees who have helped made Rocky River Grill a great success for 5 years now! We wanted to show our appreciation by doing something creative, and incorporating our local businesses since they have provided us with great support over the years. We have purchased $200 gift certificates from five different local merchants, and every 5 days we will have a draw for one of these gifts. Just leave your name and number on your receipt, and it will be placed in the draw. Best of luck!